Sjoerd den Daas
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What I believe in
Sexual energy is our life force energy.
Let's  make it flow!

We were created through sexuality. Sexual energy is the driving force that moves us all day.
Yet so little is really known about our own sexuality.
It is ever present and has such a tremendous impact on our lives. But often we tend to hide it, neglect it and put it away.
It takes a lot of courage, but sexuality and intimacy can be explored. And in this exploration, they can serve as a gateway to a life of freedom and joy.


Who am I

After nearly ten years of building an international carreer at Shell, life unexpectedly showed me a different path. It was during a weekend in France, where I was surfing, when my surfboard broke on my head. A severe concussion made me stay at home for about six full months. The first weeks, I couldn’t do a thing.
Slowly, slowly, I started a recovery program. Yoga and Meditation helped me to exercise the body and clear the mind. And by the time I started working again in the office, I realized this job was not going to support my recovery and this was no longer the life I wanted to live. Terrified of letting go of all my(financial) securities in life, I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my job. I started to follow (hapto)therapy, to improve the connection with my body and my feelings and emotions. To start to live more from the core of my own being. I discovered men’s groups, breathwork and yes, tantra. An old friend that I didn’t see for over ten years, suddenly bumped into me in the supermarket, we spoke briefly and she mentioned that she was active in the tantra scene. Here my curiosity sparked.

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What I do

In modern society we’ve completely lost our connection with our true nature. In our deepest essence, we are all sexual human beings. Misled by porn and lack of proper sexual education, we are mistaking sex, sexuality, sexual energy and intimacy. This can be confusing in ones life. It has been very confusing for me for a long time. By discovering my own sexuality. Reconnecting with my sexual energy and daring to explore real intimacy I reconnected back to life. This is what I’m offering to men and women today.

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Where do you want to meet?

Intimate Coaching for Men

Welcome man. Thank you for finding me and finding the courage to talk about intimacy, sexuality and relationships. Let's see how I can assist you in your proces.

Intimate Sessions

To experience more intimacy in your life. Experience the connection to your self in connection with somebody else. Allow life force energy to flow freely and feel alive.

Intimate Workshops

The most amazing thing in life, is to experience it. That is why, I host experience based circles, workshops and weekends. Where intimacy, connection with yourself, connection with others and life can be experienced.

A little more of me..
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